Old Bags.

Crinkly, un-pretty & enormously practical.

Enormous bags made from repurposed feed sacks & trucking straps. Masterfully handcrafted by marginalised Melbourne women including refugees, asylum seekers and those with disabilities.

The Good Stuff

Reducing landfill by repurposing agriculture products. Collected and cleaned by two Old Bags and hand sewn by marginalised women.

Waste Not

Reducing landfill by repurposing agricultural feed bags and ratchet straps.


Empowering migrant and refugee women with work and independence opportunities

Big Old Bags

Finally! Big, tough, bags. Washable, simple and fantastically practical.

The Bags

Crinkly, un-pretty but seriously useful.

Will you take them to a fancy restaurant? Unlikely. Will you rustle them around in a cinema? Hopefully not. But can you fit ALL the things in, hose them off and fold them into a tiny parcel? Yes, yes you can.



Really big, repurposed bags. Handmade, imperfect but bloody practical. Hose them, squish them, run them over... no dramas - they'll be fine.

Totes Handy Bag


Your every day shopping bag size.

Approximately 35cm x 45cm. Perfect for a beach towel, thongs & sunscreen... or laptop, purse & sunnies. Tough as nails. Made from repurposed animal feed bags.

Ken Enormous Bag


For hardcore hobbies or huge families

Approximately 110cm x 65cm. Dirt biking, horse riding... or any ordinary day with 4 kids. These monster bags are made from old chaff bags and squish up to the size of a shoe. Truly.

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